Prior to independence, the British cast Kenyans during colonial times as the lowest social strata, relegated to living as labourers and minimum-wage workers in the poorest parts of Nairobi. It is in post-colonial Nairobi that Zollo gains notoriety as a criminal and joins a network of other criminals who consistently involve him in robberies. We follow Jack Zollo as he is expelled from high school, becomes an amateur pickpocket before graduating into crimes like car-breaking and ultimately into violent robbery. The series takes us into the criminal underworld of Zollo which is ‘densely populated’ with prostitutes, robbers, forgers, carjackers, police and other men and women with whom Zollo deals in his life of crime. As police search for Zollo in the whole of Nairobi, he eventually decides to flee to the Congo. In the Congo Zollo (as Albert Ngure) leads a life outside crime as a chauffeur to a Greek millionaire (Stephano). He decides to flee back to Nairobi after Elizabeth and Hellene (his boss’s secretary and daughter, respectively) threaten to commit suicide because they are both pregnant by him. On his escape, he steals Stephano’s 1.5 million Congolese Francs an action that rekindles his ‘cat and mouse game’ with the police. He is arrested at the airport in Rwanda. Zollo escapes through the tiny window of a toilet at the Astrida Airport as guards wait with guns at the door. He finally reaches Kenya through Uganda. Once back in Nairobi, Zollo decides to quit crime and get a job for himself as advised by Milly (his girlfriend). But because he is broke, he decides to pull one last big job before he can retire.He is involved in the biggest bank robbery of the time in Naivasha after which two of his gang members are gunned down by police and three others arrested. Since he is the only one who manages to escape, he decides to go hiding at home for some time. In the meantime, Milly discloses to Zollo that she is pregnant and she wants not only marriage but also a wedding ceremony. On the eve of the wedding while on the way to Thuita, Jack becomes involved in a skirmish with the police, who successfully shoot and immobilize him. Jack is swiftly arrested and transported to the police car to take him to the station. Jack spends the day in the Central Police Station being questioned and tortured. He is later tried and sentenced to twenty years in prison and forty-eight lashes of the cane. Jack is escorted to prison, where he writes his book and becomes a reformed man.